Some Thoughts About “Bethesda v Interplay”

The following was originally posted to Interplay’s official forum. It was deleted for reasons that I do not feel like going into. Here it is:

The real greed comes from current Interplay CEO Hervé Caen. I think we all know Interplay would not have had a chance in hell of getting Fallout: Online off the ground without Fallout 3 paving the way and then they would not have had a chance in hell of financing it without the $5,750,000 Bethesda paid for the rights to the Fallout franchise, and now that Intertplay has that money they are trying to twist the law in order to get the rights back. It is wrong and it frankly disgusts me. Don’t get me wrong, I love old school Fallout and I want to play Fallout: Online, but it is clear to me that Hervé Caen is just not an honest person, and just as importantly to me it is clear to me he is not a gamer. What ever happened to “By Gamers For Gamers”? Well, the Titus buyout happened, a company best known for making crappy licensed games like Blues Brothers 2000 for the N64.

It really irks me when old school Fallout fans rush to defend Interplay while condemning Bethesda. Bethesda are clearly fans of the series, more than we can say about Hervé Caen. Let us not forget this is the man who postponed Van Buren (Interplay’s attempt at Fallout 3) to make Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, then cancelled Van Buren outright to begin production on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 a game which, thank god, never saw the light of day. No fan of Fallout would have done that.

As for the lawsuit, there is fault on both sides, a tad more on Interplay’s, but only a tad. I do of course hope Fallout: Online gets made, but I also very much hope than Bethesda keeps the rights to Fallout. They are the ones who actually started making good Fallout games again for the first time in about a decade (FO:T is only so-so) and more importantly they bought the series fair and square. Trying to go back on what was a perfectly fair deal, as I have said, truly and thoroughly disgusts me. If Interplay wins the rights back in court it will just confirm to me that there is no God.

It does seem to me a lot has to be done for my dream world where Fallout: Online gets released while Bethesda still maintains the rights. I do not know if Fallout: Online is as damaging to Bethesda’s canon as Bethesda claims as that part of the legal documentation has been redacted from public record. I would like to hope it’s not. I want to think that the people developing FO:O have more respect than to mess with Bethesda’s canon, whether it was through incompetence or malice, either way Bethesda deserves more respect than that. Not knowing the details of the complaints I really can not comment more than that.

Update: The case was settled out of court and Interplay gave up the rights to Fallout: Online for $3 million.


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